Awake, Awake

Adapted from The New Year's Carol or Awake, Awake, collected by Cecil Sharp from Mr. Seth Vandrell and Mr. Samuel Bradley of Donnington Wood, Shropshire. A shortened version of this was recorded by Waterson:Carthy on their album Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man

New words ©2015 by Ian Robb


Awake, awake you drowsy souls and hear what I do say
Remember Christ our Saviour dear was born upon this day
The Prince of Peace upon this earth
A humble stable saw his birth

God send you all a joyful New Year
A New Year,
And God send you all a joyful New Year

The shepherds wondered at the sight of the babe that was foretold
The son of God, brought down to earth in a stable bleak and cold
Upon the straw he laid his head
With ass and oxen 'round his bed

The Eastern Kings they heard the news of the child, the Lord of all
And following the guiding star, they came upon his stall
In squalor cold they brought him gold,
And frankincense and myrrh, it's told

God bless you, master of this house, and send you long to reign
Remembering Christ who came to earth, so humble to remain
And may the poor of lowly birth Inherit all the joys of earth