Bring the New Year In

 Pete Coe

In comes old King Christmas, all dressed in green and gold
And may he never be forgot, his story left untold
For it's once a year he brings good cheer, our spirits to engage,
His like was never seen before on any common stage

For we are not of the ragged sort but some of royal trim
We'll sweep away the old year and bring the new year in

In then comes St George, that noble champion bold,
Who fought the fiery dragon; made the tyrant's blood run cold
As through this world he wanders to fulfil his destiny
Well, they must die, who dare to try and challenge liberty

In comes the valiant soldier, Prince Paradine by name,
With sword and shield he will not yield and hopes to win more fame
And it's of these noble champions, both born of high renown
For they have made a solemn vow to pull the order down.

in then comes the doctor, as plainly doth appear
With bitter pills to cure all ills he travels far and near
With his lotions and his potions to ease us of our pain
And by his art he'll play his part: make heroes rise again.

**In comes the Fiery Dragon, my fearsome tale to tell
With burning breath I deal out death just like a fiend of hell
But once a year when I appear, St. George to singe and slay
"Clear off", they cry, "There is no fiery dragon in this play!"

In then comes the working man, they call him common Jack
He puts food inside your belly and clothes upon your back
Hard labour is his destiny from the moment of his birth
For the rich take all the money but the poor will take the earth.

And in then comes Beelzebub, a name for ever cursed,
He's before you, he's behind you, he's the last that would be first
Put your hands into your pockets, your money he do crave
To see this play, you must pay, or join him in the grave